Social Influencer Marketing

What is social influencer marketing?

Sometimes just called “influencer marketing,” it’s a relatively new form of marketing that uses influential individuals to promote a product. You may have seen celebrity endorsements of products before, and social influencer marketing is similar but it utilizes “real” people such as Instagrammers, Bloggers and YouTubers to impact consumer behavior.

Connecting with influencers in your product category can increase your brand awareness and amplify your products’ reach. Even if an influencer only has a few thousand followers, exposing your product to new audiences can get your brand off the ground running.

momosan ramen social influencer marketing
Our social influencer campaign for momosan ramen

What does social influencer marketing cost?

It depends! While it can be less expensive than traditional marketing, every influencer puts a different cost on their time and audience. Sometimes smaller influencers will accept free samples and gifts in lieu of payment, but most often the power of social influencer marketing comes with a cost.

Do I need social influencers?

Partnering with social influencers increases reach, brand awareness and revenue. It’s a great way to market your products to consumers in a way that doesn’t feel like they’re seeing an ad, but every product is different.

Calywire can connect and work with influencers for your brand, but it may not be necessary to launch large or impressive social influencer marketing campaigns. Our team of experts can advise and guide you toward the marketing plan that’s right for your brand and help you understand when and why social influencer marketing might be beneficial.

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