Media Relations for Asian Brands

What is media relations?

Put simply, it’s the foundational relationship between a brand and public-facing press, such as reporters for publications like New York  Times, Fox News or Forbes. Media relations is an important part of public relations for Asian brands, but the two terms aren’t interchangable.

While Public Relations focuses on the way your company presents itself, Media Relations is about a company’s relationship with media. Whether that relationship be with reporters from journalistic media or producers from TV and radio stations, media relations is an important part of how your brand presents itself to the world.

Why is media relations necessary?

Even in today’s digital age where everyone can be a reporter through their blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so many other social media sites, traditional reporters are still important. These reporters are well-connected, a kind of influencer whose number is dwindling but who remain as important as ever. While anybody with a phone can report on something, it’s only professional reporters who have the connections and power to generate the kind of coverage that every brand wants.

Even though people have been saying print is dead for over a decade now, journalistic reporting remains as important as ever. Television and radio are also important venues for PR opportunities, and knowing who can get you an “in” to a certain club can be extremely helpful.

media relations for asian brands
Media relation service provided for Gyeonggi-do

What media relations services does Calywire provide?

Because we know Western culture as well as Eastern culture, we know what’s likely to resonate with your target audience. We know what makes a great story, and we’ll help you craft a narrative that puts your company ahead of the curve. Then, we’ll make sure that people read it.

Press release distribution can be hassle, but it’s key in any effective media relations plan. Calywire will take care of it for you. We’ll write the perfect press release and send it exactly where it need to go for maximum reach.

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