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Bringing Asian Brands to the U.S. Market

Specializing in Digital Marketing for Asian Food & Beauty Brands

Calywire Inc. is a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in introducing Asian food and beauty brands to the U.S. market. Consumer-focused brands that want to expand internationally must adapt to different cultural norms while protecting the qualities that made them successful in the first place. This task is especially challenging when entering the U.S. from abroad and Calywire has the experience to make that transition successful.

The U.S. spans many different regions and diverse cultures, making it a challenging place to market a new product without understanding who will be buying your products. In fact, there are at least eleven distinct cultural regions in the US forming unique consumer markets. Someone from the Midwest isn’t going to see your product in the same way someone from the East Coast does. Calywire is here to help brands understand who to target for the ideal audience and how to target them.

We enable our clients to zero in on consumers in the U.S. market through data and analytics, giving you the most cost-effective marketing strategy. Companies come to us because our team of industry experts is can provide a sophisticated data-driven approach to online marketing and digital presence while being creative enough to make sure your brand’s voice stays intact.

Our Clients

Here are a few examples of our Asian brand clients that we have helped to promote and introduce to a Worldwide Market.

kewpie new logo


Best Selling Mayonnaise in Japan

sapporo ichiban new logo

Sapporo Ichiban

#1 Pouch Ramen Brand in Japan

glampalm logo


Best Selling Hair Iron Brand in Korea



The 2nd Largest Local Government in Korea

acecook logo


Japanese top instant-noodle brand

wang globalnet


Korean Foods Distribution Brand in US

shield life logo


Far Infrared Heated Mattress Brand


Authentic Hawaiian & Asian Seasonings Brand

sugimoto tea logo


Authentic Japanese Green Tea Brand

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