Blog Marketing

What is blog marketing?

Sometimes, the purpose of a blog is to inform people. Sometimes, it’s more personal. Blog marketing is the art of using blogging to reach your target audience, giving them more reasons to visit your website and drive traffic up.

In the past, businesses often operated blogs on separate platforms such as Blogger, making them hard to find. Now it’s easier than ever to integrate a blog with your main website, giving you a tool that’s inexpensive to run and allows you to engage with your customers before and after they make a purchase.

Should my business have a blog?

Not every product needs the support that a blog can provide, but since Calywire specializes in food and beauty products we generally recommend a blog or newsletter to our clients. Food products benefit from a blog where information about how to use the product can be aggregated, along with related topics such as health benefits and history. Beauty products benefit for a similar reason—there’s a lot that can be said about their use, meaning continual content for a blog.

Ultimately, a blog is not the be all end all of a marketing plan. It can be a useful tool for marketing, but it isn’t 100% necessary and it works in tandem with other aspects of marketing so a blog can’t be your only form of contact with your customers.

blog marketing for glampalm
Glamplam’s beauty blog by Claywire

How can Calywire help me with blog?

The hardest part of blogging is coming up with a constant stream of ideas for content and the slow growth it provides. While a well-established blog can get thousands of hits a day, it takes time for Google to find and drive traffic to a new blog. These two factors make starting and maintaining a blog time consuming, which is where Calywire comes in.

We’ll integrate social media with your blog, so followers can find your blog posts and they can also share your content onto other sites. Because blogs are interactive, we can also handle answering questions that people might leave in the comments and general interaction with your blog’s audience.

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