Branding for Asian Brands

Your brand reflects your company’s identity

Our Brand marketing promotes products or services in a way that highlights your overall Asian brands in the U.S. market. The goal is to link your company’s identity, values, and personality with your products in the audience’s mind so that your brand stands out in a crowd of competitors. Having a great product is the first step to building sales, but great products don’t mean anything if people don’t know they exist.

calywire provides asian brands marketing
At Calywire, we put your company at the center of brand marketing.

Our products are well known in my country. Why do we need brand marketing?

Because customers in the U.S. don’t know your products. Many of our clients are established names in the country they started in, so the importance of brand marketing often gets overlooked because the brand marketing has already been done in their home country. Entering a new market, however, means that the work of brand marketing must be done all over again.

Social media has made brand marketing easier than ever, but it’s also increased the importance of making sure that customers know your brand.

Why is Calywire the best choice for Asian brands?

Our staff is familiar with Asian cultures, so we work closely with our clients to translate their beliefs and identity to the U.S. market. Every client is different, so we talk with all our clients to figure out what’s important to them and how we can convey those things to a potential customer.  See our FB. You’ve made a great product, but it’s our job to convince people they should buy it and your brand is trustworthy and authentic enough to buy it from.

We provide guidance on what works to sell products in the U.S. and what potential avenues marketing can take to our clients. We understand the potential audiences for your products, and we’ve already researched how to communicate with them so they connect with what you’re selling.  At Calywire, we put your company at the center of brand marketing.

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