Do we need to sell our products online?

It depends, but generally we recommend e-commerce activities for Asian brands. When an Asian company is starts to do business in the U.S. market, they’re often overly focused on finding physical locations to sell their products in. However, even with the help of distributors and networking it’s tough to find retailers that are willing to sell unfamiliar products. The process of finding physical retailers can cost a company years and years of time and many companies fail by the time they’ve accomplished that.

Selling online only requires an e-commerce website, so it’s a very efficient and easy way to introduce products to U.S. customers. A well-performing e-commerce website for the Asian brand can then be presented to offline retailers, making the process of expansion easier. Since Calywire specializes in e-commerce sales, we create an ecosystem to online shopping that focuses on finding your target consumer when they’re already ready to purchase your products. Then we constantly re-engage them through remarketing, email marketing, and social media to make sure they’ll be a returning customer.

kewpie e-commerce site
Kewpie’s e-commerce site by Calywire

What if I already sell my products in stores?

Companies that already have their products in physical locations might not consider e-commerce might a priority, but we think otherwise. A well-designed e-commerce store can be a great marketing tool to introduce your products to new customer groups and establish better customer relationships through promotions and loyalty programs.

The customer database that e-commerce creates is also useful for market research purposes. If you know exactly what customers are buying and when they’re buying it, you can market your products to them better.

How can Calywire help me with e-commerce?

We provide A to Z e-commerce services, depending on your needs. Calywire can create a fully featured e-commerce website for your company, help you get your products onto Amazon, or simply rework an existing e-commerce website.

Once you have a website, Calywire can help build your customers database by running promotions and ad campaigns. We are also capable of providing quality customer care to maintain healthy and strong relationships with your customers.

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