“Vegetables are fun!” by Kewpie

Vegetables are fun

“Vegetables are fun!” 🍅🌽🌶 @kewpieusa

Having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables? Try drizzling a little Kewpie on top and show them this video!

STORY: Kewpie is taking a drive in his Mayo Car through a cornfield. Look, Tommy and Caroline want to come, too! Watch out! There is a big lake in front of you! It’s OK, Larry and Brooke brought sails and paddles. Now our Mayo Car is a Mayo Ship! Here we go, back on land.

Uh oh! There is a big mountain! Oh, good! Oscar is here with his drill. He can turn the Mayo Car into a Mayo Drill so we can dig through.

Let’s drive across the mountain. We have reached the edge of a cliff! Here comes the rest of our vegetable friends with propellers and wings. Now we have a Mayo Plane we can fly through the sky past vegetable clouds!

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