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Kewpie on pizza

Kewpie on the pizza?

We’ve rounded up 3 spooky flavor combinations for you this Halloween! Today we’re starting off easy with Kewpie on pizza. Did you know in Japan they put Kewpie on their pizza? 😮 We don’t think […]

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Kewpie peanut butter sandwich

Kewpie and peanut butter sandwich

Some people were frightened by Kewpie pizza, but we’ve got an even more terrifying combo today: Kewpie and peanut butter! 🥜 It might sound like a horror story, but people actually eat peanut butter sandwiches […]

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Oreo Ham Sandwich

Kewpie’s Oreo Ham and Cheese Sandwich

So far people seem to be split on our scary flavor combos, but we’ve saved the best (worst?) for last: meet Kewpie’s Oreo Ham and Cheese Sandwich! 😱 We replaced some of the Oreo cream […]

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