Video Marketing & YouTube

What is video marketing?

Even though a lot of marketing terms are complex or hard to understand, YouTube & video marketing is simple. It’s just using video to promote a brand, product, or service—something that’s been around for as long as moving pictures have.

Commercials are the most obvious example of video marketing, but that’s not the only type of video that can be used to market. Customer testimonials, how-to videos, event videos, viral videos—there are so many ways that video can be incorporated into a marketing plan and it’s highly likely that any marketing plan will include some form of video marketing.

Why should I do video marketing?

The simple fact is that people respond better to videos than text or images. Videos are the future of blogging and advertising. With the popularity of YouTube, people watch almost 4 billion videos a day and it doesn’t look like they’ll stop any time soon. Your customers love to watch videos—they’re fun and easy to share, while also occasionally being educational.

A recent study found that 57% of people are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video about it. Video is one of the most important marketing tools in this digital age, and Calywire can help you create video content that people will actually wants to watch.

YouTube Video Marketing
The videos produced by Calywire

What about YouTube?

Making videos and marketing on YouTube can be very beneficial, because YouTube is owned by Google and it ranks as the second most popular search engine. Since Google often prioritizes content hosted on its own sites, making YouTube videos can increase your search rankings and help your conversion rate.

The problem is making the right content for the platform and that’s where Calywire comes in. We believe that commercials are the worst form of video marketing, because nobody wants to see a commercial and people usually skip them on sites like YouTube. Instead, we make tailored, strategic videos that are designed to sell your products without feeling like a traditional commercial.

At Calywire, we produce high-quality video content tailored to your brand’s image. Whether it’s how-to videos or more educational content, Calywire will find the content that’s right for you and market it so it gathers the most views, likes, and shares.

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