Package & Print Design

Why is the design of packaging and marketing materials important?

Product packaging can make or break a product, determining the difference between a hit and a miss. Package & print design or marketing materials are often a customer’s first exposure to your products and your brand’s identity. The way you present your products reflects on your brand, which is why making sure that they’re well-designed can be an important step towards a consistent and coherent branding. Your brand identity is so much more than just putting your logo on things and calling it a day.

By determining what your brand is about, you can then use market research determine how to convey that message to consumers through your package design. You can also make sure your brand materials all fit in with the look of your website and your social media, leading to a stronger brand identity that will stick with customers long after they’ve purchased your product.

Package Print Design
Package designs for Acecook products

What design services does Calywire provide?

While Calywire is a digital marketing team, we do provide some services for print design. We work with designers and artists to create eye-catching package design that will suit your product and stand out on crowded shelves. Then, through market research, we’ll refine that design until it’s something that you can be sure will sell your product.

The same goes for any related marketing materials. We can help you design your pamphlets and inserts too, so your branding will stay strong.

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