Licensing Expo Japan Exhibitor Spotlight: Kewpie

Licensing Expo Japan Kewpie

We’re honored to be part of License Global’s exhibitor spotlights for LEJ – check out the feature they wrote on our history and our recent Taste Truck event!

LEJ continue our series of exhibitor spotlights for Licensing Expo Japan with a look at the Kewpie Corporation.

In Japan, Kewpie is as synonymous for mayonnaise as Heinz is for ketchup in the U.S. The longstanding Japanese company is well-known across the country for its uniquely flavored mayo and other food products. With its classic Kewpie doll logo and standup bottle featuring a red cap, the corporation has stood the test of time to develop a brand identity that is distinctive in the food and beverage industry.

Celebrating 100 Years of Kewpie
Founded in 1919 as the Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Kewpie was born out of the international travels of company founder Toichiro Nakashima. The businessman spent three years during the 1900s traveling the U.S. and U.K. as an intern with Japan’s Department of Agriculture and Commerce. From those trips, he learned about Western foods such as orange marmalade and mayonnaise.

Kewpie mayonnaise came from a desire to recreate the white condiment for a different audience. The company debuted its original mayonnaise recipe in 1925 using only egg yolks for the mayo to create a creamier and silkier flavor. Unique flavors were also added to give the spread a taste, unlike traditional American mayonnaises.

Learn about LEJ exhibitor Kewpie and the brand that has become synonymous with mayonnaise in Japan.

Licensing Expo Japan Exhibitor Spotlight: Kewpie

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