Kewpie on the pizza?

Kewpie on pizza

We’ve rounded up 3 spooky flavor combinations for you this Halloween! Today we’re starting off easy with Kewpie on pizza. Did you know in Japan they put Kewpie on their pizza? 😮 We don’t think it’s that different from ranch or blue cheese dressing, but this combination is spooky to some Americans. Would you try it, or is it too spooky?

Keep in mind that the mayo you see above isn’t likely Hellman’s. Kewpie is Japan’s most popular brand of mayo, and it’s recognized by its squeeze bottle emblazoned with the picture of a Kewpie doll. It’s made with apple and malt vinegar and egg yolks instead of whole eggs, which makes it sweeter than American mayonnaise in comparison.


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