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Oreo Ham Sandwich

Kewpie鈥檚 Oreo Ham and Cheese Sandwich

So far people seem to be split on our scary flavor combos, but we鈥檝e saved the best (worst?) for last: meet Kewpie鈥檚 Oreo Ham and Cheese Sandwich! 馃槺 We replaced some of the Oreo cream […]

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Kewpie Uniqlo T-shirt

Kewpie Uniqlo T-shirt Collaboration

This is @inahmarieart in a t-shirt from Kewpie Uniqlo brand collaboration. We spotted her during a Papersource class, so thanks for letting us grab a photo and share your picture, Inah! 馃槏

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spookiest flavor combination sandwich

Our Spookiest Flavor Combination Sandwich

One brave soul (@bri_friedrice) made our spookiest flavor combination and made his fellow chefs try it! He reports that reactions to the sandwich were mixed, but that Kewpie added umami flavor to the salty-sweet combination […]

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kewpie costume this halloween

Kewpie Costumes on this Halloween

We love dressing up our food all year long, but dressing up on Halloween is a little bit different…馃巸 There were so many kewt Kewpie costumes this year – we loved them all! #posthalloween #keepitcoming

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Chicken Katsu Sandwich recipe

Chicken Katsu Sandwich Recipe with Kewpie

The use of tonkatsu sauce with Kewpie in chicken katsu sando (Chicken Katsu Sandwich) means twice the flavor! We think SAVEUR Magazine鈥檚 recipe is a perfect starting point for your own sando journey. 馃挴 Chicken […]

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